Use method of automobile seat belt

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Use method of automobile seat belt|Pregnant women car seat belt wearing method

一. Use method of automobile seat belt

1. Statistics show that wearing a seat belt in a car in a frontal crash can reduce the death rate by 57 percent, a side crash by 44 percent and a rollover by 80 percent.Therefore, the correct use of car seat belt is very important to alleviate driving safety.


2. Adjust the height of the car seat belt.In order to meet the needs of different heights, most models are designed to adjust the height of the car seat belt.If the seatbelt is too high, it can easily be tightened to the neck in an emergency and may cause unnecessary injury. If it is too low, it can not completely limit the body forward, and if it slips out of the shoulders, it is more dangerous.Therefore, it is very important to adjust the height of the car seat belt before driving.


3. In order to meet the needs of different heights, most models are designed to adjust the height of the car seat belt, the owner can move up and down, so that the car seat belt to adapt to the driver of different heights.Seatbelts that are too high or too low in a car can cause unnecessary injury. The correct height is when the belt straps are just over the center of the driver's shoulder.At the same time, the car seat belt should not be too loose or too tight, and the amount of two fingers should be appropriate to ensure safety and not too uncomfortable.


二.  The correct way to wear the seat belt

1. Many car owners should have such experience, is sometimes pull the car seat belt will not move.Some people will think that the car seat belt may be broken, in fact, because the car seat belt with a self-locking function of the retractor.If the owner pulls too fast, the receiver in the car's seat belt will automatically pull it tight, causing a false fault.


2. Automobile seat belts series method is correct, my right hand clasp locks and the lock tongue, and slowly pull the waist shoulder belts, guarantee the shoulder belt from across, close to the neck, shoulder and comfortable and closely fit the body, to ensure the waist belt under the abdomen, and some as low as possible, the same to fit the body, the car seat belt button card inserted in the lock, until hear card tower.The purpose of wearing car seatbelts in this way is so that the impact of an accident will be felt on our bones rather than on our soft internal organs.


3. When you fasten your car seat belt, you will usually hear a snap. However, you should still pull your seat belt to make sure that the car seat belt lock is fastened and not damaged.This is a step that many car owners ignore when using seat belts in their cars.


三. Pregnant women car seat belt wearing methods

1. It becomes even more important for expectant mothers to wear their car seat belts correctly.

The proper way to fasten the car seat belt is to place it in the lowest position of the hipbone, where the protrusion of the hipbone meets the pubic bone on both sides.At the same time, the shoulder strap should also avoid the belly and reach the side abdomen through the side of the head between the breasts.Do not let the straps cut across your stomach, and be careful that the straps are off the side of your head and may rub against your neck.


四. Safety of children in vehicles

Children are much shorter than adults because of their height, so be sure to use the corresponding size of the child safety seat.Remember not to directly use the car seat belt or adults to hold, so as to avoid unnecessary injury.


五. Avoid the following bad habits

1. As the saying goes, there are policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom.In order to get rid of the bondage of car seatbelts and police inspection, many car owners in China have come up with a number of response measures, such as the original car seatbelt buckle to the seatbelt T-shirt.As everyone knows, this has brought great hidden dangers to driving safety. The following bad habits must be put an end to.

2. Bottom Line: Seatbelts are often talked about because they are so important. As mentioned above, wearing a seatbelt in a frontal crash can reduce deaths by 57 percent, side crashes by 44 percent and rollover crashes by 80 percent.So, for your own sake and your family's sake, be sure to buckle up when you get in the car.