Use and maintenance of racing harness?

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Use and maintenance of racing harness in F1 racing cars|Six-point seatbelts are now commonly used in F1 cars|How to properly use and maintain the racing harness

Use and maintenance of racing harness?

Use and maintenance of racing harness:


1. F1 cars now have six-point racing harnesses, similar to those of fighter jets.These include: two upper body seatbelts at the shoulders, two lower body seatbelts at the thighs and two at the crotch.Six seatbelts are gathered at the buckle. When the seatbelt is fastened, six clear "rattle" sounds can be heard clearly.


2. When the car decelerates in a collision, the racing harness device can effectively prevent the human body from being thrown out of the car due to higher speed than the car speed. At the same time, the racing harness has enough pre-tightening effect.At the moment of a collision, make sure the driver has enough room to move or the pressure on the chest can be fatal.The harness also holds the driver tightly in place during cornering and emergency braking (acceleration greater than 4 G).


3. Use of racing harness

The seatbelts used in Formula One racing are tailored to each driver.The only thing that can be adjusted for the driver is the shoulder harness.Because of the tight seatbelts, pulling them up is very difficult, so drivers must use mechanical skills to buckle them and keep them in place as firmly as possible.Before you start driving, you should buckle up the car seat belt.Make sure you can tighten your shoulder straps while driving.Because they can come loose during the race and because they are so malleable, the seat belts can actually stretch longer than you think in a crash, leaving your body exposed to more impact than you can imagine, so make sure that the seat belts are fastened when you start the race.


4. As we all know, ordinary car drivers may also "dive" when wearing the racing harness, because the racing harness directly concentrates the force on the chest, which is easy to cause fatal injury.It can cause abdominal, neck and shoulder damage, and the anti-dive belts used by Formula One not only help you avoid collisions during forward slip, but also help support your body during heavy braking.Therefore, make sure your car's seatbelts are properly adjusted before driving.


5. Racing is a dangerous sport. If there is an accident in the driving process, how to escape quickly may be related to the driver's life, so it is a very necessary practice to immediately unlock the racing harness and then quickly leave the car.In fact, many drivers are unable to get out of the car quickly in the event of an accident.And how fast to open the car seat belt can improve our escape speed, how fast to open the car seat belt?Dr. Brock Walker said, "Focus on the seat belt anchorage of a race car.The seat belt anchorage should be different for each driver, and the driver needs to match the seat belt anchorage to improve the escape speed."When installing the seatbelts we need to make sure that the seatbelts are properly and securely installed and that all the points are in the right position.Sometimes the shoulder straps are mounted so far apart that they can easily slip off the shoulder in the face of a heavy impact.In the event of a crash, the proper seat belt can keep the driver firmly in his seat and prevent him from being thrown forward.


6. Replacement and maintenance of racing harness

Racing Harness should be replaced or rebraided at least every two years because they can age severely and lose more than 80 percent of their effectiveness simply by being exposed to air and ultraviolet light.If you have a crash, you should also quickly replace or rebraids all your car seatbelts, as they have been overstretched and their strength will be reduced.Seat belt buckles should also be inspected, cleaned and lubricated (if necessary) regularly.


7. Racing harness can be used in F1 international racing. Racing harness can ensure the safety of racers to the maximum harness is divided into: 6 - point racing belt and 5 - point racing belt.The racing seatbelts manufactured by our company have passed the authoritative certification of every country to ensure the safety and comfort of racing drivers