How Airplane seat belt products work

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The ideal action process of Airplane seat belt products is: first, tighten it in time, and "press" the person on the seat without hesitation at the first moment of the accident.

The ideal action process of Airplane seat belt products is: first, tighten it in time, and "press" the person on the seat without hesitation at the first moment of the accident. Then, relax moderately, and when the peak of the impact force has passed, or the person can be protected by the airbag, the seat belt is properly loosened. Avoid rib injuries due to excessive tension. State-of-the-art Airplane seat belt products come with pre-tensioners and tension limiters, so let's take a look at how both function.

Airplane seat belt products

1. Seat belt pre-tightening device When an accident occurs, the person moves forward and the seat is backward. If the seat belt is too loose at this time, the consequences are likely to be: the occupant slips out from under the seat belt: or, the person has touched At this time, the seat belt was not tightened in time due to the excessive tension margin, that is, it failed to eat up part of the momentum in advance as hoped, but gave the entire burden to the airbag. Both of these situations have the potential to cause serious injury to the occupant. But the problem is, properly installed Airplane seat belt products. Where does the leeway come from? First, because the occupant's clothing itself has a certain thickness, and in addition, there is some loose room hidden in the seat belt device. This room cannot be eliminated, but in the event of an accident, it should be eliminated as much as possible. what to do? For this purpose, the seat belt pre-tensioner has appeared, which is responsible for providing an instant tightening of the seat belt. Its action process is: first, a probe is responsible for collecting crash information, and then an electrical pulse is released, which is transmitted to the gas generator to detonate the gas. The gas generated by the explosion expands rapidly in the pipe and presses against the so-called ball chain, which makes the ball move forward in the pipe and drives the spiny melon to rotate. The pawl disc is integrated with the uranium, and the seat belt is wound around the shaft. To put it simply, the gas pressure makes the ball move, the ball drives the pawl plate to rotate, and the pawl plate drives the shaft to rotate - instantly realizing the pre-tightening function of the seat belt. The entire process from sensing an accident to completing seat belt pretensioning lasts only a few thousandths of a second. At the end of the pipe is a cavity that holds the ball as it rolls over.

2. After the accident of the seat belt tension limiter, the Airplane seat belt products have been tightened under the action of the pre-tightening device. But we hope that after the peak force has passed, the tension of the seat belt will be reduced immediately to reduce the force on the occupant. This special task is completed by the seat belt tension limiter: on the seat belt device, there is a The pre-tightening device is wound with a safety belt underneath. Inside the shaft is a steel torsion bar. When the load reaches a predetermined condition, the torsion bar begins to twist, which relaxes the seat belt to a certain extent and realizes the tension limit function of the seat belt.