Automobile seat belt development process

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The origin and development of automobile seat belt| The function and working principle of automobile safety belt| Have you fastened your seat belt|

Automobile seat belt development process

一. Origin and development of Seat belt

1. Origin of car seat belts.The safety belt, as the basic protective device to protect the driver and passenger in the process of car collision, was born earlier than the car.As early as 1885, seat belts appeared and were used in horse-drawn carriages to prevent passengers from falling out of them.On May 20, 1902, in a car race in New York, a racer uses several straps to tie himself and his fellow racers to the seats in order to prevent being thrown out of his car at high speed.Two people were killed and dozens injured when their car ploughed into a crowd of spectators during the race, but the drivers survived because of their belts.These belts became the prototype of the car Seat belt, and when first used in the car, they saved the life of the user.

2. Seatbelts were introduced on racing cars in 1922;In 1955, the United States Ford cars installed seat belts: in 1968, the United States regulations facing the front of the seat to install seat belts.Europe and Japan and other developed countries have successively established car occupants must wear a seat belt regulations, the Ministry of Public Security on November 15, 1992 issued notice, from July 1, 1993, all passenger car (including cars, jeeps, vans and mini) drivers and front seat passengers must use your seat belt."Road traffic safety law" the 51th regulation: when motor vehicle drives, driver, take personnel to ought to make sichuan Seat belt by the regulation, motorcycle driver and take personnel to ought to wear safety helmet by the regulation.

3. Recently, standard form of a seat belt in the world was invented by niels three-point seatbelt, this car seat belts start multiplying began in 1967, he published in the United States for the 28000 cases of accident report, records of all 1966 Swedish domestic traffic accident involving a Volvo cars, digital clear, according to three point seat belt not only in the more than halfSince their introduction, more than 10 million kilometers of seatbelts have been fitted into more than 1 billion cars around the world, enough to circle the Earth's equator 250 times or return to the moon 13 times.Most important, however, is the countless lives saved over the last 40 years, proving that the three-point seatbelt is an effective single vehicle safety device.


二.  Car seat belts

1. The ideal seat belt operation process is: first of all, timely tightening, at the first moment of the accident without hesitation to put the person "on the seat.Then, moderately relax, when the impact peak has passed, or the person can be protected by the air bag, that is, relax the seat belt appropriately, to avoid the rib injury caused by excessive tension. The most advanced seat belts are equipped with pretensioning device and tension limiter. Let's take a look at the functional principle of these two:

A. Seat belt pretensioner When the accident occurs, the person is forward and the seat is backward, if the seat belt is too loose.Consequences are likely to be that crew slip out from beneath the seat belt: or, people have already met with airbags, seat belt while due to excessive tension allowance failed to tighten, or not as early as want to eat part of momentum, but the whole burden to the airbag, both of which could lead to a crew was seriously injured, but the problem is, correct installation of seat belts.Where does the room for flexibility come from?First, because the occupant's clothes themselves have a certain thickness, in addition to the Seat belt device is also how much hidden part of the loose room, this room can not be eliminated, but really in an accident, should be eliminated as far as possible.How to do?For this reason, this kind of seatbelt pretensioning device is responsible for providing the instantaneous tensioning seatbelt. Its function process is: firstly, a probe is responsible for collecting the crash information, and then release an electrical pulse, which is transmitted to the gas generator and detonates the gas. The gas produced by the explosion expands rapidly in the pipe and is pressed to the so-called.  The ball chain, so that the ball in the pipe forward, drive the pawl disc, pawl disc is connected with the shaft as a whole, the Seat belt is around the shaft.Simply speaking, the gas pressure makes the ball move, the ball drives the pawl disc to turn, and the pawl disc drives the shaft to realize the pre-tightening function of the Seat belt in a blink.The whole process, from sensing an accident to pretightening the belt, takes only a few thousandths of a second. At the end of the pipe is a cavity to hold the ball as it rolls in.

2. Seat belt tension limiter after the accident, a seat belt in advance device, under the action of the already strained but we hope that after the stress peak value in the past, the belt tension strength reduce immediately, to reduce the occupant force, this special tasks are done by belt tension limiter: in the safety belt device, a device in advance as mentioned above, winding under the seat belt.Axis core inside is a steel torsion bar, when the load to the expected conditions, torsion bar warp, thus to a certain extent, to relax the belt, implements the Seat belt tension limit function in the Seat belt device in advance and Seat belt tension limiter, under the function of the protection ability of the seat belt almost reach the ideal state.The so-called spirit in the small, advanced seat belt can indeed provide reliable safety protection to the occupant.


三. Have you fastened your seat belt?

Seatbelts have saved countless lives since their introduction.With the advent of airbags, the safety factor for drivers and passengers has been greatly improved.But there are a lot of people do not pay attention to the importance of seat belts and airbags, "knowingly guilty, always have luck psychology.

1. The airbag has become the standard security configuration on the most modern cars, this is in order to better hold an escort by, however, especially when driving and an automobile cars with air bags, seat belts must be fastened for the development of airbag design is based on the limited protection of seat belts, seat belts and airbags auxiliary occupant protection system (SRS-Compensated Restraint Systen), the two can fully play the auxiliary protection for drivers.

2. When the front of the car has a strong collision, due to inertia, the driver's body fast moving forward, then the Seat belt will try to "pull" the driver's body, absorb part of the impact energy, while the airbag to "thunderbolt" inflatable and completely open;Then the upper part of the rider's body sinks toward the airbag, and the gas starts to escape at a constant speed from the airbag's vent, absorbing most of the impact energy: the rider's body then slides back into the seat.The whole process above almost all happens in an instant, the driver is completely in a passive situation, in this case, passively rely on the shaft to assist the occupant protection system is the only choice.

3. If the seat belt is not fastened before the crash, the airbag can actually injure the driver.Without the constraints of the Seat belt, not only part of the impact energy can't from rides upon the "discharge", and is "always" fast filling of the airbag will work with fast moving ride head-on collision, the rapid expansion of air bag made a huge impact, will hit to the head and chest of the ride.It is conceivable that in this "impact", the head and chest of the driver will be seriously injured, the reverse side of the airbag has become the "culprit" of the injury to the driver.That's why it's important to keep your seat belts on at all times!Finally, have you fastened your seat belt?

4. In the event of an accident, a lifesaver may be the seat belt, which can be found in any vehicle, so make it a habit to buckle your seat belt.It's the person in the seat next to the driver who really needs to buckle up.In the event of an accident, the driver has the steering wheel to support the body, and sitting next to the person, the head is likely to hit the front glass of the cab.The seat belt is very simple to use, as long as the fastener is locked.Before use, try to pull out the belt to adjust the buckle around the waist, the rest of the Seat belt can be wound back to the shoulder, adjust the length of the shoulder strap near the chest, and should leave a fist of plenty.

5. Seat belt inspection method: slowly pull the Seat belt down by hand, the Seat belt should be able to pull smoothly out of the winder.You should not pull the seat belt when you pull it sharply.Otherwise, the Seat belt fails.After use, the plug can be pulled out by pressing the button.