Airplane Seat belt

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Reasons for using airplane seat belts| Consequences of not wearing an airplane seat belt| When should you wear an airplane seat belt

Airplane Seat belt

一. Why Use Airplane Seat belts?

1. Aircraft flying at high altitude are not only affected by environmental factors, but also sometimes by the adverse factors in the movement of the aircraft itself.The main manifestations are the passive displacement of human body forward and backward caused by the change of acceleration and the violent up-and-down jolt caused by the complicated climate.The turbulence, which swirls up and down, can hurl passengers who are not wearing seat belts to the top of the cabin and then to their seats or to the floor, with great danger.In flight, the aircraft is suddenly subjected to the action of thrust or resistance, so that its speed or direction change, will produce acceleration.When taking off, landing and making a sharp turn, human displacement will be caused by the change of acceleration.For example, the plane landing speed is too high, if the passenger does not wear the plane seat belt, then the plane suddenly slowed down the passenger may lean forward and cause impact injury.

2. In the plane of the sharp curves, due to the larger centripetal acceleration, no constraint is easy to violate outward passengers down aircraft safety belts is a necessary precaution, when the aircraft during take-off and landing emergency braking or meet strong turbulence, turbulence happened not passenger aircraft safety belts are often too late to prevent accidental damage, this kind of situation both at home and abroad has a lot of see, according to the toneCheck, in this new airline flight many passengers because of fasten the plane seat belt and safe, and those who do not fasten the plane seat belt passengers face the unexpected accidents of the Department of varying degrees of injury, it can be seen that the role of seat belt can not be underestimated.

二. When should I fasten the airplane seat belt?

1. In the simplest case, every seat can easily see the sign "Please fasten your seat belt". When the light is on, you should fasten your seat belt.On the ground, the aircraft will turn and brake due to avoiding aircraft or obstacles.At the same time, in compliance with air traffic control orders, may suddenly change the direction of the plane taxiing, which requires the use of aircraft seat belts.

2. In the air, the aircraft will vibrate when it encounters turbulence in flight, throwing up and down, shaking from side to side, causing the phenomenon of difficult control, inaccurate instrument and so on.Some bumps can't be predicted, so make it a habit to fasten your seat belt when you're seated.Especially when the seat belt light is on, be sure to fasten your seat belt as early as possible to avoid accidents.The descent is a critical stage of flight. Don't forget to check that the seat belts are fastened and tightened to increase safety

三. Correct fastening and untying method of aircraft seat belt

1. The first thing you need to do when you get on a plane is to find the correct way to fasten and unfasten your seat belt.When you get into the cabin and sit in the passenger seat, pick up the plane's seat belt with both hands, without the metal fasteners, through the slots and holes, just like people would do with a cork belt.Hold the metal fasteners with one hand and the webbing with the other until you pull it tight, so you don't leave a gap, you can move your upper body and hips so that they're close to the back of the seat, and you can pull your airplane seat belt so that it's tight in the sense that it's not too tight or too loose when you fasten it.Thou shalt at once learn to untie it with dexterity, and to tie it with skill.To unfasten, let your stomach contract a little, hold the release device in one hand and push the release buckle with the other hand, and the plane's seat belt will immediately release.

2. If you are not sure, do not be ashamed to ask the stewardess, because this is an important factor for survival in the event of a forced landing.First of all, when you fasten your seat belt on the plane, make sure that the latches are turned up.If you have your seat belt on the plane backwards, you will be even more likely to lose the latch when you panic in an emergency.Second, minimize the barriers of objects.If you are using a blanket, try to fasten it inside the seat belt of the plane so that you can immediately find the location of the latch and remember how to use it.The seatbelt opens the latch and pulls out the insert, not to be confused with the car press latch.Also, remind you that seat belts should be fastened low and tight for this to work

3. To sum up, you should pay special attention to the safety requirements of the flight attendants when taking a plane. At the same time, don't forget to check whether your seat belt is fastened or not, which will increase your safety guarantee and protect you to reach the destination safel